Photoshop for your face. Seriously.

As I mentioned in a recent post I have decided to subscribe to a sampling service called Bellabox.
I’ve also decided not to review every single product unless I think they are particularly relevant.
This months theme was Beauty Fixes and one product stood out that I was very excited to try.



With a tag line of “10 years younger in 40 seconds” what’s not to like?

This product first came to my attention while reading the lovely Zoe Foster’s blog, Fruity Beauty.
In a post she mentioned a product called Nanoblur was Priceline’s best selling product in the last 12 months which was becoming rather cultish.

This works basically like a top coat for your face, that conceals and corrects, literally blurring imperfections away. Like photoshop. But the good kind, not the “who the hell is that?” kind.


Seems legit

Unfortunately, I don’t have 10 years to lose off my face as that would take me back to being 14 and when my skin was crazy irritated – no thanks! However I was by interested in something that would lock my hard work down and make me look better!


While I am very blessed with clear skin anyway, as mentioned in my last post, my skin is a bit greedy and eats makeup quickly and I am suffering from a bit of pigmentation from my Byron Bay stupidity in January.

Applying Nanoblur was tricky and required very gentle patting and blending without smearing makeup. I wasn’t wearing very much so this wasn’t a problem, but a friend who wears foundation regularly found it made her makeup go weird and had to start again.



While it’s hard to see the before so well, but I definitely noticed my fine lines under my eyes were smoothed as were the pores on my cheeks, nose and chin.
It also mattefied everything, which wasn’t really my thing, I prefer a dewy look, and it made my skin a bit tight.

I also gave this to my lovely friend Anna to try who has completely different skin to mine, oily and she wears foundation regularly and she also liked it!

Unfortunately I am not able to comment on the staying power of this as after application I proceeded to write myself off by drinking too much of a port and wine hybrid called ‘Grandpa’s Old Block’ – seriously with a name like that and previous warnings, what the fuck was I thinking?!
Suffice to say, I turned into a teenage drama queen and ended up crying and just being that stupid drunk lamo who is turning 24 has only just turned 18.

I personally think Nanoblur would be best for a event or something where you need staying power and perfection, although my friend Dani is using it to perfect her bare skin while she goes sailing in Croatia. Yeah, I hate her too.
So for now I will be sticking with my Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz for my preferred dewy finish and regular staying.

Nanoblur is $29.99 from Priceline, a bargain considering its abilities.

B x


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